How To Pick the Best Kid’s Wallpaper

How To Pick the Best Kid’s Wallpaper

How To Pick the Best Kid’s Wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper, there are plenty of fun options, but sometimes as an adult you want a sophisticated, mature design. You might not feel as free to experiment with colors or playful wallpaper styles. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a kid, you can use them as an excuse to put up the most fun and playful wallpaper you can find!

1. Guide your child to a wallpaper design they’ll still like next month:

Wallpapering your kid’s room can be a really fun and collaborative project. You can work with your child to select a wallpaper style you both love, and you can guide them away from picking a style they might not love as much in a few months. The good news is, if their style changes quickly, you can peel off kids removable wallpaper in minutes and put up a new design!

Between the Lines Wallpaper is a design that kids will love growing up with 

2. Go with removable wallpaper for the kid’s room:

Your kid might be in love with owls right now, but be fascinated with geometric wallpaper next year. Opting for removable wallpaper for the kid’s room is the best choice.

Otus the Owl Wallpaper would love to keep your kid company!

3. Choose a nontoxic wallpaper manufacturer to make sure your kid stays safe:

Some wallpaper companies don’t commit to using nontoxic materials. Make sure the wallpaper you order is made from non toxic, harmless materials. Wallshoppe uses nontoxic, eco friendly paper. Read more about Wallshoppe's eco friendly wallpaperIf your favorite style is from another company, get in touch with them to make sure the materials they use are safe. 

4. Buy from a company that prints on quality paper:

For the kid’s room, a wallpaper that’s scratch resistant and washable is worth investing in. If your child is anything like the kids we know, those walls will be getting dirty quickly! Wallshoppe wallpapers are scratch resistant and washable. Just wipe them down with a wet cloth and your kid’s room will be sparkling clean in no time.

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