Remodeling a Small Bathroom With Removable Wallpaper

That old bathroom is in desperate need of a new fresh look. There's no need to pick up a paintbrush and get all messy. Have you considered removable wallpaper? Renovating can be quite expensive, but removable wallpaper is just $58 a panel so it's super affordable. It's easy to install yourself, easy to peel back and re-position if you make a mistake, easy to clean with the wipe of a wet cloth. Best of all, you can change the entire look of your bathroom in just a few hours. 

So, here are our top five tips to get your teeny tiny bathroom looking amazing in no time by installing removable wallpaper panels:

1) Make your bathroom look more spacious

Try using a natural flora statement wallpaper design, such as Fiddle Fig wallpaper print. Not only will you make your bathroom feel more roomy, you also can give the illusion of extra space and the feeling of being in a beautiful outdoor paradise. 

2) Make a small dark bathroom space look bright and light

Bringing a vibrant floral patterned wallpaper to your bathroom wall decor, such as the wallpapers below, can immediately transform a small dark bathroom into a bright and light scenic space.

Try Wallshoppe's pretty pink wallpaper like Teensy Floral shown above, or yellow wallpaper like our Hollyhock pattern shown below. Both are perfect for your bathroom walls.

3) Bring some passionate creative power to your small bathroom

It's amazing how creative you can become when you are restricted by a small cramped dark space. The ideas below prove just this, being limited by space unleashes a new creative freedom to explore.

4) Create an under-the-sea themed bathroom to escape into

Let's face it, bathrooms can become a creative haven with a little humor mixed in with some good old fashioned design style. Why not transform your bathroom into your new favorite room with an under the sea theme. Wallshoppe's George the Octopus wallpaper or Hammerhead Shark Wallpaper are the perfect choices to create this look. 

5) Bring the outside in with nature and animal themed wallpaper designs