November 20, 2020

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Clare Vivier in the Frogtown LA studio offices of Clare V. Enjoy reading our Q&A session or watch the video below if you like a jazzy soundtrack. 


Hi I’m Clare Vivier. I’m the founder and creative director of Clare V.

If you were to install wallpaper in a room yourself, what music would you listen to? 
Stevie Wonder

When you’re designing, what color can you not get enough of?

Which new Clare V. wallpaper design is your favorite based on your current mood?
I have 3 favorites right now.. Canals, Milagros, and Optic Triangle

What is the most beautiful French word?
Lumière, Romantique, Ivresse, Courtesan, Libellule

How do you feel about mixing contrasting wallpaper patterns?
I love mixing all patterns so I know I’d love it in wallpapers too.

Emily in Paris’ or ‘Go back home to Chicago Emily’?
=) ‘Emily in Paris’

Which of your new wallpaper designs would make the best background for a zoom meeting and why?
Ooh for me Los Angeles, because that’s where I am. 

Would you rather live in a Wes Anderson Film or a Sofia Coppola film?
Hmm that’s really tough. I could live in either one of those director’s movies, but since I just saw Sofia’s “On the Rocks” I’m going to say Coppola. 

How would you define your own home decor style?
A mix of thrift, vintage, midcentury, bohemian.

What objects or furniture do you like to collect?
I collect vintage clothing mostly. Vintage scarves.. But everything vintage. We’re always at vintage stores. I’m always at flea markets so I’m constantly kind of a pack rat.



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