Ten quick and easy kid friendly style tips

Ten quick and easy kid friendly style tips

 We show you how to decorate your family room in a breeze.

Here are ten ways we have lived and breathed to decorate our family rooms when little ones are around constantly making things messy.

Easy to clean wallpaper. Dirty little hands can quickly make your walls forever dirty. But using one of our easy to clean wallpapers make cleaning up little hand marks a breeze with the quick wipe of a damp cloth. Our Medina removable wallpaper panel in cadet blue below is perfect for a kid friendly family room.

Turn your bar chart into a tidy cart. Having a cute bar cart in your family room is super handy to clean things away when you’re in a hurry.

Patterned floor rugs are perfect to hide away dirty marks and grime that is a constant with kids

Image by @jennrobertz

Less cushions are more. If you’re selecting a new couch, try picking a couch that needs less throw cushions. Having to clean and pick up 8 cushions off the floor can be very time consuming.

Beige or white furniture is a no go. Whites are sadly not the color theme for your family room with kids. Try a deep blue or cadet navy as a theme that easily hides marks and stains.

Ditch the coffee table. Space is a must when you have little ones running around, and opt for space-saving side tables.

Change up your curtains and replace with space saving blinds. Curtains can add yet another material to wash and clean. But blinds are super easy to clean.

Ditch extra armchairs and swap to floor pillows. Floor pillows can easily be stacked away in the corner, creating more room for your little ones to roam free and enjoy more space.

Swap out flowers for indoor plants bright wall art.  Having vases around with fresh flowers can certainly bring bold color to your family room, but can easily be knocked over in seconds by busy kids.

Be bold and bright. Create a fun, creative vibe for your family room. Try using bold colors to decorate your walls. Paintings, exotic textiles, wallpaper or photographs blown up of your past family holidays can create a whole new look for your family room easily.