The most bizarre design trends of the decade

The most bizarre design trends of the decade

  1. Mixing ancient priceless pieces of Grecian and Roman art with hanging disco balls is a no no.

Owner James Perkins decorated his grand ballroom in Aynhoe Park and filled it with bizarre classical art mixed in with taxidermy including a polar bear wearing flying goggles.

disco balls and priceless greco roman art bizarre interior design trend


  1. The infinity kitchen where space is literally limitless!

Talk about limitless space, this interior design style really has taken the concept of space to resemble a forever extendable kitchen design. 

  1. Working in a converted cement factory can be a tad daunting.

Despite the obvious cool factor, coming to work and having meetings in this rather ominous foreboding environment may be a little too cool for school.


  1. If you suffer from nightmares, than this bedroom look is probably not for you.
Although this concept is cool in principle, if you happen to have trouble falling asleep or need a relaxing calm environment for a peaceful nights rest, then having a large dark lurking black dragon on your hotel wall room may be too much!
    dragon painting bizarre hotel themed room trend


    5. There is such a thing as too crazy for this hotel room

    Designed by Lars Stroschen, this 'Symbol room' takes over 300 symbols from Lars' imagination and fills the room like a bizarre nightmare.

    crazy too weird interior design style trend


    6. Too many stripes makes this bathroom a little too monochromatic

    bizarre interior design trend the striped bathroom