Wallpaper Ideas for Bathrooms

Wallpaper Ideas for Bathrooms

Can You Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Bathrooms?

Removable wallpaper for your bathroom is possibly the best invention of the 21st century.  Made of durable, eco-friendly materials designed to resist moisture, peel, and stick, wallpaper is easy to clean and maintain, especially in a bathroom.

A quick and simple update to your bathroom just got easier with removable designs by Wallshoppe. Possibly one of the most important rooms in your living space, the bathroom deserves to have some character, and with peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can transform it into a stylish addition to your already fabulous home or office. Depending on the look you’re after, removable bathroom wallpaper comes in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs. A clean, modern look might lend itself to vivid stripes or geometric shapes, whereas a nautical theme could have a backdrop of whimsical sea creatures, underwater plants, or even meticulous sailor’s knots. Maybe you prefer ethereal floral prints or majestic birds. Perhaps you’re designing a bathroom for the kids where animal prints are the focus. Or you might want to create a Zen-like, meditative environment that welcomes calm and peace. Let your imagination guide this fun and creative project, knowing that peel-and-stick wallpaper can be your go-to with less worry and effort than traditional wallpaper and installation. Our dedicated designers have so many options to choose from that if you have more than one bathroom, you’ll be dreaming about what to do with that one next.

Powder Room vs. Bathroom

Ever wonder how a Powder Room got its name? Back in the 18th century, women used a small room to powder not only their face but their hair with powder made from rice flour, wheat starch, or crushed eggshells. The idea was to remove shine from the face and add volume to their hair. With the evolution of more equity-friendly living spaces, the powder room has evolved into its current definition of a half-bath or guest bathroom. Usually, on the first floor, a powder room will consist of only a toilet and sink. They are typically smaller than a full bathroom equipped with a toilet, sink, bathtub, and/or shower. Bathrooms are designed to serve home residents with more extensive grooming capabilities. 

Powder Rooms and bathrooms offer the perfect canvas for your next decorating endeavor. Because there won’t be much wall space, there are many possibilities to work with. The best wallpaper for powder rooms is anything that works better in a small space. It’s probably better to avoid anything that can absorb moisture, like grasscloth wallpaper, but most other wallpapers are excellent choices because they age well and give you many years of enjoyment. Choosing light colors and smaller patterns will help to give the illusion of a bigger room. Stripes and vertical patterns can add extra height to a small room and make it appear larger. Remember that you can keep it simple by using peel-and-stick or traditional wallpaper for an accent wall, adding an interesting pop of color to your bathroom. Whether you want to create a theme, a layered look, or something truly out of the ordinary, consider the diverse offerings of Wallshoppe’s safe, non-toxic wallpapers. Sustainably made and printed in California, a powder room or bathroom’s transformation will never go unnoticed when you choose a Wallshoppe product.

Choose From a Curated Collection

While perusing Wallshoppe’s extensive website, it becomes apparent that talented designers continue to collaborate with our design team to prepare jaw-dropping, curated collections of awe-inspiring designs. 

When it comes to exceptional selections of wallpaper, murals, art, fabrics, and even pillows, our designers will let you uncover how to project your creativity into living spaces that represent your unique personality and style. 

Collection offerings have been carefully and deliberately selected, organized, and presented to provide you with a particular experience that will add special meaning to your living space. Specially chosen collections can be discovered by all of our amazingly talented designers. Find out what speaks to you: from fun vintage nostalgic designs to sweet and subtle quiet patterns,  timeless, bold, adventurous prints, to the eccentric and unexpected. Babies, kids, teens, adults, seniors; whatever category you’re shopping for, a wallpaper design collection will speak to you.  Click on any designer name and explore their impressive collections that inspire imagination and creativity.