Which is Better? Paint Vs Wallpaper

Which is Better? Paint Vs Wallpaper

Which is Better? Paint Vs Wallpaper

So you've decided it's time to make changes to the walls of your home, but you are undecided, wondering which would be better: paint or wallpaper?

Covering walls with wallpaper may be more complicated than paint, but it will last longer and look much better.  

Wallpaper is known for adding warmth, character, and beauty, thus can be used to create an astonishing variety of effects just by itself or by using correct lighting.

You do not need to worry about residue paint on skirting boards or window sills when you cover with wallpaper, as the glue used can simply be wiped off with a moist sponge.

Wallpapers can almost always be wiped clean easily, without the worry of peeling off, making cleaning after accidents easier.

When your wall has undesirable characteristics on, - they may be damaged, cracked, or uneven - wallpaper can easily mask these imperfections.

In large rooms, the wallpaper will bring an element of friendliness, closeness and make it feel much more homely.

Painting is versatile for making a room look larger than it actually is, giving a sense of freshness and illumination.

Paint is easier and quick to apply, but removable wallpaper is even easier. 

Repainting every few years will be necessary, depending on the type of paint you used.

Paint is difficult to remove from floors, window panes, sills, and furniture.

Paint has the advantage in rooms with high humidity, as proper paint applied on those rooms will protect walls.

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