7 Kitchen Decorating Themes & Ideas To Freshen Up For Spring

7 Kitchen Decorating Themes & Ideas To Freshen Up For Spring

There's nothing quite like the joy that fills the air when spring arrives. As the world wakes up outside, it's natural for people to want to wake up the décor inside their home as well. Many people look at the kitchen as the perfect space to welcome in the new season. There are many different ways to freshen up your kitchen décor for spring. These ideas can help you get started.

Display Fresh or Faux Flowers

One of the best ways to bring the fresh, new season indoors is by setting the place ablaze with beautiful blossoms. The easiest way to bring in some fabulous flora is to add fresh cut flowers throughout the room. Choose a mix of traditional and unusual vases to add some visual interest. A square, glass vase filled with tulips on a sparkling counter will make you want to pour yourself a cup of tea and bask in the glow of a sun-filled window. If you don't have one, the flowers will bring their own light. Consider adding wall shelving that can double as extra storage space to add even more flowers. Choose a mix of options like locally grown flowers and easy-to-grow succulents.

If you dread getting fresh flowers because you believe you have a brown thumb, you don't have to miss out. There are amazing faux flower options that are just as beautiful as the real deal. Choose high-quality faux flowers that last forever. If you tire of them, you can simply buy new ones.

Another way to bring in the look of flowers into your kitchen is through floral wallpaper. Gorgeous wallpaper with floral or vine patterns can bring a real, spring-like vibe into the kitchen. If wallpapering the entire kitchen is too much, you can choose a feature wall to paper.

Add Wall Art

Another really great way to bring spring into your kitchen is by adding gorgeous wall art. The term “wall art” covers a very broad category. Wall art can be sculpture pieces that you hang to display in a certain area, or it can be gorgeous paintings that take up an entire wall. Wall art can be a professionally painted mural, or it can be something as simple as favorite art pieces done by members of your family. Great ways to include wall art in your kitchen décor for spring include the following:

Utilize the wall space above your kitchen cabinets, and turn it into an art gallery. You can hang paintings there to fill the space, showing them off with pin lights or discreetly hidden-away cabinet lighting.

Paintings with springtime colors like pale yellows, soft oranges, and warm greens can bring sunshine into the kitchen even if there are May showers outside. These hues bring all the energizing hues of the season into your home.

If you don't have time to paint a mural, you can have an instant mural by hanging kitchen wallpaper with a floral, pastoral or spring-like print. Create a feature wall by adding the wallpaper to one wall of the room for maximum effect.

If you have a wall that faces a window that looks out onto your outdoor space, you can place a mirror or mirror art on that wall so that it reflects the beauty of nature. This will not only create an automatic natural picture, but it will also help increase the sense of space in the room since the mirror's reflection visually expands the area. This is an especially helpful visual trick for rooms that are on the small side.

Get Creative With Removable Wallpaper on Shelves

While one of the most creative ways to use wallpaper is to use it to create a beautiful accent wall, you can use wallpaper in other ways. Whether you have open-faced or closed cabinets, you can bring a new, spring-like look to your storage areas with wallpaper-lined cabinets. Lay the wallpaper on the back of the cabinet so that it serves as an attractive backdrop to your favorite plates and dishes.

You can choose appealing springtime patterns and colors to brighten up even the darkest cabinet spaces. This is another area where cabinet lighting can really enhance the beauty of the space. If you choose our removable wallpaper, you'll be able to change up the look as often as you like. You can use one type of paper in the spring and summer, and change it to something completely different for the rest of the year. Removable wallpaper doesn't leave marks, making it ideal for renters.

Tables & More

Another great way to celebrate spring in your kitchen is by utilizing the tables and other items in the space to foster a sense of togetherness. A vase of locally sourced flowers on a table is the easiest way to celebrate the new season's vibes, but you can use the table in other ways. A Chinese elm bonsai tree would make a striking Arbor Day or Earth Day centerpiece.

Let Wallshoppe Help You Celebrate the Season

From Easter to Memorial Day, there are plenty of special days that make spring a festive season. Browse our kitchen wallpaper collection to find pleasing designs to welcome the new season and express your personal style. From subtle dots to bold, exotic blooms and from Ikat to Op Art, we have patterns to suit every taste. The peel-and-stick kitchen wallpaper lets you freshen your walls' look whenever you like. Contact our experts anytime for advice or answers to your wallpapering questions.